Big Data

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The promise of Big Data is to drive profitability by reducing costs, improving product/service quality, decreasing time of delivery, optimizing product offerings and making smart business decisions in everything from medical treatments to social media campaigns, to customer service and marketing promotions. Big Data is a term used to describe data sets which break the capabilities of traditional IT as they demand massive storage requirements, huge transaction counts, big analytical needs, quick response times, and enormous bandwidth requirements. According to Gartner and IBM, Big Data is characterized by 4 Vs: volume (size of the data set), velocity (speed of data collection and analysis), variety (data formats), and veracity (quality of data). The data sets can be structured data such as transaction records, customer records, call center records or semi-structured data such as emails and XML files or even unstructured data such as video, twitter feeds, customer comments, etc. And these data sets can arrive from various data sources such as sensors, data entry terminals, social media, and web interactions at varying speeds (real time, periodic, batch) and can quickly grow to terabyte (1000GB) and petabyte (1000TB) ranges. The challenges for organizations are in acquiring, storing and accessing large data sets effectively; making sure the quality of data set is high and analyzing the data accurately to realize the promise of Big Data as depicted below.

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