• ISO Certification

  • What is ISO Certification?

    INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG Certification is a press from a 3rd get together body a company works to one of the internationally recognised ISO management systems. The documentation can be used to offer for business as a proof of a provider's credibility but also to install confidence in the potential client you will keep your promises.

  • Why would i want ISO Certification?

    ISO affirmation is an announcement to your partners, representatives and senior administration that the business wishes to work to a set system with a specific end goal to accomplish its organization targets. Be this consumer loyalty destinations, creation targets or natural goals and so forth. By setting yourselves the assignment of keeping up an outside confirmation you are demonstrating the organization's sense of duty regarding these destinations and in addition expanding the believability and client trust in the brand/administration or item. For instance by running a quality administration framework, an organization can remain responsible for its procedures and techniques, guarantee on the off chance that anything goes wrong it is redressed rapidly, proficiently and as per the general inclination of the client. It can likewise guarantee a smooth line of correspondence between workers, providers and clients constantly. Numerous open and private division tenders demand ISO accreditation as either a pre-essential to moving to the following stage or as a channel to expel organizations from the delicate procedure. By accomplishing the ISO accreditation that your clients offer weight to, guarantees that you are on a 'level playing field' with your potential rivals and enhances your odds of effectively offering. Many organizations we work with report a noteworthy inward proficiency change which enables them to accomplish more prominent outcomes both in a deals and operational limit.

  • What is an Audit?

    A review is the procedure by which an organization indicates confirmation of attempting to the required framework and this is a mandatory component of the ISO/BS frameworks. A qualified evaluator will go to your premises with a specific end goal to survey your administration framework against the ISO/BS Standard that you are confirmed to, and will demand to see prove coming about because of the organizations procedures and techniques to guarantee the framework is being utilized and kept up all the time. The reviewer will normally form a report, breaking down your administration framework and the utilization of, against the provisos of the standard. ISO Quality Services Ltd will likewise furnish you with proposals for development that will have been concurred with you to help you to drive the framework forward to empower persistent change, hence getting the most out of the standard/s.

  • What is Non-Conformance?

    A non-conformance is when something inside the business doesn't work out as expected, which may bring about a client objection or a postponement in the typical procedure. These are to be seen as 'open doors for development' and are recorded with the goal that patterns can be distinguished and move can be made.

  • ISO Training

  • Why Internal Auditor training required?

    This preparation builds up the abilities expected to survey and give an account of the conformance and powerful execution of procedures, and to add to the persistent change of a quality administration framework in light of the ISO standards.

      On finishing of this instructional class you will have the capacity to:
    • •Portray the part of inside review in the upkeep and change of administration frameworks.
    • •Clarify the reason and structure of ISO standards.
    • •Plan and get ready for an inside review, accumulate review prove through perception, meeting and inspecting of reports and records .
    • •Compose accurate review reports that assistance to enhance the adequacy of the QMS .
    • •Propose courses in which the viability of restorative activity may be confirmed .
    The preparation includes introductions, workshops and pretend activities. If it's not too much trouble note: Participants are not anticipated that would have information of reviewing, quality administration frameworks or ISO 9001:2008 preceding going to the course.
  • What are the roles of ISO implementation for sustenance of Improvements?

    • • Get commitment and support from senior management.
    • • Engage the whole business with good internal communication.
    • • Compare your existing quality systems with ISO 9001 requirements.
    • • Get customer and supplier feedback on current quality management.
    • • Establish an implementation team to get the best results.
    • • Map out and share roles, responsibilities and timescales.
    • • Adapt the ISO 9001 principles of quality management to your business.
    • • Motivate staff involvement with training and incentives.
    • • Share ISO 9001 knowledge and encourage staff to train as internal auditors.
    • • Regularly review your ISO 9001 system to make sure you are continually improving it.

  • Business Excellence

  • What is Six Sigma?

    Six Sigma is a coordinated, taught demonstrated approach for enhancing business exhibitions. Six Sigma utilizes factual examination instead of mystery to decide why a procedure is not working. At that point the procedure is enhanced and controls are set up to guarantee it stays stable. The final product is a hard or delicate cash funds for the association.

  • Who’ll conduct this training?

    We’ve a team of Master Black belts who have tremendous experience of implementing lean and six sigma methodologies across various industries and driving more than 40 black belt level projects and mentoring close to 100+ GB and YB projects.

  • What is Minitab?

    Minitab is the standard programming utilized for Six Sigma ventures. It is enables you to perform measurable examination with graphical portrayals through pre-customized numerical estimations without having to know the math required. It is the most well known factual programming alternative for Six Sigma ventures. It is educated all through out the online Green and Black Belt Minitab adaptations and the majority of our open Six Sigma programs.

  • What are benefits of Lean Six Sigma ?

    • • Improve efficiency
    • • Increase Revenue
    • • Decreases Costs
    • • Customer Satisfaction.
    • • Customer loyalty
    • • Improve bottom line.
    • • Employee satisfaction.
    • • Better partnerships