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ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS)

"ISO 22301 Business continuity Management System Minimizing disruptions – Maximizing recovery"


ISO 22301 - The International Standard for Business Continuity Management

What is Business Continuity Management?
“81 per cent of managers whose organizations activated their business continuity arrangements in the last 12 months say that it was effective in reducing disruption. In summary: business continuity works.” Winter weather, IT outage or industrial action are the disruptions that make headline news. But disruption also includes staff illness or events that affect your supply chain. Business Continuity Management (BCM) provides a framework that allows you to identify potential threats to your organization and build capability to deal with these. This means you can respond to threats and safeguard the interests of key stakeholders, reputation and your brand. If disruption is not an option for your business, adopting the international business continuity standard, ISO 22301 is the first step towards a best practice approach.

What is ISO 22301?
ISO 22301, the international standard for business continuity management is your formal business continuity framework. It will help you to develop a business continuity plan that will keep your business running during and following a disruption. Follow it and you will minimize the impact so you can resume normal service quickly, ensuring key services and products are still delivered.

Who is it relevant to?

Created in response to strong international interest in the original British Standard BS 25999 and other regional standards, aligning and achieving certification to ISO 22301 delivers real business benefits. ISO 22301 identifies the fundamentals of a business continuity management system, establishing the process, principles and terminology of business continuity management. It provides a basis for understanding, developing and implementing business continuity within your organization and gives you confidence in business-to-business and business-to customer dealings. Use it to assure key stakeholders that your business is fully prepared and you can meet internal, regulatory and customer requirements. The standard provides organizations with a framework to ensure that they can continue operating during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances – protecting their staff, preserving their reputation and providing the ability to continue to operate and trade. Keep your business running, whatever disruption you face ISO 22301 will help ensure your organization continues to operate, even in the face of disruption. A business continuity management system (BCMS) aligned to ISO 22301 is suitable for organizations of all sizes, across all industries, public or private, manufacturing or service. And it provides a common language for global organizations, especially those with long and complex supply chains.
    The standard is particularly relevant for organizations operating in high risk environments where the ability to continue operating is paramount for business, customers and stakeholders – this includes utilities, finance, telecommunications, transport and the public sector. It will enable you to:
  • • Establish, implement, maintain and improve your BCMS
  • • Meet the requirements of your business continuity policy
  • • Give key stakeholders confidence in your conformity and commitment to internationally recognized best practice
  • • Achieve DFVC certification/registration of your BCMS.
  • The standard ISO 22301:2012 Societal security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements provides the requirements for a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) based on BCM best practice. You can use the standard to demonstrate compliance via an auditing and certification process.

Why choose us?

Our knowledge and experience of the standards is unsurpassed. We understand how to fully exploit the benefits of your quality management system to ensure you unlock the true potential in your organization.


You'll be following best practice, showing that you adhere to a standard recognized internationally. If your supply chain is global, you'll be able to adhere to a consistent approach to business continuity and it could also open up opportunities world-wide.
    ISO 22301 business continuity brings many benefits, especially when combined with independent certification from DFVC. These include:
  • Maximize quality and efficiency: ISO 22301 provides a framework based on international best practice based around the 'Plan, Do' Check, 'Act' concept.
  • Resilience: Whether it’s an international disaster or localized disruption, your organization will be robust enough to be able to get up and running again quickly, or minimize disruption until normal service is resumed.
  • Reputation: Keep your reputation secure.
  • Competitive advantage: Opens new markets and helps you win new business. Gain client confidence through the universal acceptance of ISO standards that open up global opportunities.
  • Win more contracts more cost effectively: Provides you with a marketing edge and, coupled with certification, can help reduce the cost of tendering.
  • Business improvement: Certification requires a clear understanding of your entire organization which can identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Continuous improvement: The certification process involves regular audits that ensure your management system is up to date.
  • Compliance: Demonstrate that you meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.
  • Cost savings: You'll have the opportunity to reduce the burden of internal and external BCM audits, improve financial performance and reduce business disruption insurance premiums.
  • Delivery: Your BCMS framework supports rehearsed management processes that allow you to supply an agreed level of critical services and products within a specified timeframe after disruption.
  • Management: A BCMS provides proven management capability during times of disruption.

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