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ISO Certification – ISO-IEC 20000-1 ITSM

ISO/IEC 20000-1 Service Management

Delivering quality and value through services

ISO/IEC 20000-1 Service Management System

ISO/IEC 20000-1 is right for any service supplier, massive or little, United Nations agency needs to supply assurance within the quality of the services they deliver. It’s normally used for IT services, facilities management and business services to assist guarantee effective and resilient services in today’s dynamical service delivery surroundings.

About ISO/IEC 20000-1

Internationally recognized, ISO/IEC 20000-1 is that the best observe framework for a service management system that helps you to supply a homogenous, reliable service. It supports you to imbed a service lifecycle strategy into your organization – providing best observe steering on a way to manage your portfolio of services so that they stay current and add price.

Leading benefits of ISO/IEC 20000-1:

How DFVC helps

Understanding and/or applying the necessities of any normal to your business isn’t forever a simple method. DFVC has helped train and certify myriad organizations round the world to imbed a good ISO/IEC 20000-1 service management system (SMS). And you’ll take pleasure in our expertise too with our ISO/IEC 20000-1 coaching courses and certification.

Our Services


We help improve the resilience of organizations around the world by guiding them through each step to certification.

Are you ready for service management?

Explore our ISO/IEC 20000-1 certification journey – designed to help you at whatever stage you are at.

Make your way through the three step journey below.

Get Started With ISO /IEC 20000-1 Service Management

Step 1 of 3: Get started

Interested in understanding more about ISO/IEC 20000-1 and how you can introduce it to your business? Here’s how we can help you to start working with it today.

What is ISO/IEC 20000-1?

ISO/IEC 20000-1 is that the international customary for Service Management Systems (SMS). In dynamic service delivery environments, it helps you reply to increasing service demands and deliver price for purchasers, users and your organization.

By achieving ISO/IEC 20000-1 certification you give assurance to stakeholders, showing that service quality is at the center of your organization and you’re serious concerning delivering a uniform and reliable service that continues to feature price.

Where do I start with ISO/IEC 20000-1?

You need to:

  • Buy the standard and read it; understand the content, your requirements and how it will improve your business
  • Make sure that you have buy-in from your leadership team – our ISO/IEC 20000-1 Executive briefingcan help
  • Learn about the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000-1, what your organization will need to do and share ideas and experiences with your peers at our DFVC ISO/IEC 20000-1 Requirementstraining course
  • Contact us so we can answer your questions and help meet  your organization’s needs


Implementation ISO/IEC 20000-1 Service Management

Step 2 of 3: Implementation

We have great resources and support services to help you to start implementing ISO/IEC 20000-1 into your business.

You need to:

  • Ensure your organization understands the principles of ISO/IEC 20000-1, the roles individuals need to play, and review your activities and processes against the standard

We help you to:

Develop the knowledge and skills to implement the standard with our ISO/IEC 20000-1 Implementation training

(Find out more about Implementation Training click on this link):è https://bit.ly/2DDXAUe

 (Find out more about Gap Assessment click on this link):è https://bit.ly/2PYbZ3d

(Find out more Business Improvement Software click on this link):è https://bit.ly/2yNisU3


Top tips for implementing ISO/IEC 20000-1

  1. Get commitment and support from senior management
  2.  interact the total business with smart internal communication
  3.  Compare existing service management provisions with ISO/IEC 20000-1 necessities
  4.  Get client and provider feedback on current service management necessities
  5.  Establish associate implementation team to urge the most effective results
  6.  plan and share roles, responsibilities and timescales
  7.  Adapt the essential principles of the ISO/IEC 20000-1 customary to your business
  8.  encourage employees involvement with coaching and incentives
  9.  Share ISO/IEC 20000-1 information and encourage employees to coach as internal auditors
  10. Often review your ISO/IEC 20000-1 system to form certain you’re regularly up it.

Certification to ISO/IEC 20000-1 Service Management

Step 3 of 3: Implementation

When you attain ISO/IEC 20000-1 certification you’ll be able to show customers and stakeholders your commitment to delivering a high quality service. It’s a good chance to celebrate your accomplishment, promote your business and show that you simply area unit an agile organization WHO responds to the ever-changing service delivery setting

How to get certified to ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO/IEC 2000-1 Service Management system certification ought to be hassle-free. You’ll be appointed a DFVC shopper Manager, a trusty knowledgeable with relevant business expertise to your business, WHO will guide you thru the method.

The steps to ISO/IEC 20000-1 certification:

  1. ISO/IEC 20000-1 gap analysis

An ex gratia service that takes place before your assessment visits. We’ll take a more in-depth inspect your existing info security management system and compare it with the wants of the ISO/IEC 20000-1 normal. It’s a very price effective thanks to check if there area unit any areas you would like to figure on before we stock out a proper assessment.

  1. Formal assessment

A two-stage method. Initial your DFVC shopper Manager can review your organization’s readiness for assessment by checking if the mandatory ISO/IEC 20000-1 procedures and controls are developed in your organization. We are going to share the small print of our findings with you so if we discover gaps, you’ll be able to shut them. Next, if all the wants area unit in situ, we’ll assess the implementation of the procedures and controls inside your organization to form positive that they’re operating effectively as needed for certification of ISO/IEC 20000-1..

  1. Certification and beyond

When you attain certification you’ll receive your DFVC ISO/IEC 20000-1 certificate that is valid for 3 years. Your DFVC shopper Manager can visit you often to form positive your system doesn’t simply stay compliant, however it frequently improves and adds price to your organization.

> Download your ISO/IEC 20000-1 Implementation guide to help you through to certification